If you use the Daily Earnings report, read the note below  before deleting these files.

1. Have all users log out of Payroll.
2. Make a backup copy of your FundWare Data files.  You can either do a complete backup in Division Maintenance, or you can make a copy of the files you are going to delete (8 files) in a temporary folder, then delete the folder when this process has been successfully completed.
3. Verify you are between Payroll Cycles (You have already logged the last payroll and have NOT yet entered time cards for the next cycle) unless you are doing this to restart a payroll.  In that case, if you are deleting these files in the middle of a payroll, after you have posted time cards, when you reenter the time cards, you will need to reverse the trace report so the entries are not doubled in your Payroll journal.
4. Delete files ##pya*.*, ##pyw*.*, ##pyx*.*, ##pyy*.* from your Data directory where ## is your division number (8 files).

     To perform this task in Windows Explorer: 

     a. Click your Start button and choose Find then choose Files or Folders.  Make sure you are looking in your Fundware Data directory.
     b. Type ##pya*.*  (replace ## with your division number) in the "named" field in the dialogue box and click Find Now.
     c. This should return at least two files.  Delete all of them.
     d. Repeat steps B and C for files ##pyw, ##pyx and ##pyy.  All of these files will be rebuilt from scratch when you process another Payroll.

     To perform this task with DOS:

     a.  Select File > Open FundWare > Select Division 00 System Administration > Allow the business date to default to today's date > Click OK.  The System Administration (00) Window will display.
     b.  Select System Utilities > System Management > Execute Program:

          Program Name             AFW800
          Switches                      <blank>
          Parameters                  AFW807
          Business Date              Use today's date
          Division                        Select the appropriate division

     c.  Click Run.
     d.  Press enter at the blue screen.
     e.  Click with your mouse in the dos screen.  Your cursor should be flashing at the Data prompt.
     f.   Type del ##pya*.* where ## is your division number.
     g.  Press Enter.
     h.  Repeat steps f and g for files ##pyw*.*, ##pyx*.* and ##pyy*.*.
     i.   When you are done, type exit.

Note:   Again, if you deleted these files after you posted time cards, when you reenter the time cards, you will need to reverse the trace report so the entries are not doubled in your Labor journal.

Note:  If you are using the Daily Earnings report, deleting the files and creating new timecards would rewrite to the PYH file from which the Daily Earnings report pulls its information from.  This would be a problem due to duplicates.  You should rename the PYH file prior to entering the new timesheets.  Once the timesheets are posted, rename the PYH file back to normal.

To rename these files:
1. Select File, and select Open Fundware.
2. Verify that 00 System Administration appears in the drop down box, click OK.
3. Select System Administration, and select System Utilities.
4. Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen:
       Program Name            AFW800
       Switches                       <blank>
       Parameters                  AFW807
       Business Date            Use today's date
       Division                         Select the appropriate division.
       Click Run.
5. Hit enter at the blue screen.
6. The DOS prompt appears.
**Instead of ## for the following steps, insert your division number for the files. 
7. Type:  rename    ##PYH*.*    my##PYH*.* (press enter).