1. Run the system-defined Ledger report (LEDGR) and the Trial Balance Report (TRBAL) for all accounts. Review the reports to determine if each report is in balance.  This can be determined by looking at the report totals (last page) for the Ledger or Trial Balance Report. On the Trial Balance Report, these amounts should be the same and on the Ledger report the amount should be zero (net of debits and credits).   If either, or both of these are out of balance, refer to the document Troubleshooting out-of-Balance General Ledger Reports, or contact Blackbaud FundWare Support.

    If both of these reports are in balance, continue to step 2.
  2. The Balance Sheet report pulls accounts by attribute. An account must have the correct attribute or it will not display on these reports.

    a. Check attributes on all accounts with a Trial Balance Report., a TRBAL pulls by accounts by account numbers,  not by their attributes.  Therefore, it will pull all accounts including ones that do not have an attribute.

    EXCEPTION: It does not pull accounts where the status is set to D for descriptive.

    b.  In the Trial Balance Report, check for Created by Posting (CBP) accounts.  These accounts will not have attributes, so they will not appear in your balance sheet, making your report appear out of balance.

    **If the CBP accounts are true accounts, you will need to assign the correct attribute and rename the account.

    **If the account is not a real account, you will need to make a journal entry to zero out the account.  Then change the CBP account's status to Inactive.
  3. You could also run the Account Verification report, accepting all defaults, to find accounts without attributes.  All accounts without attributes will be listed first on this report, and it will show if they are created by posting.