OPTION 1: Use Multiple Columns

  1. In your report, place the field that you want to display left to right in the Details section.
  2. In the left most column, right click over "Details" and select "Format Section".
  3. When the "Section Expert" dialog box opens up, place a check in the "Format with Multiple Columns" option (this will create a new tab "Layout").
  4. Select the "Layout" tab.
  5. Enter a Width for the Detail Size.
  6. Enter a Horizontal value for Gap Between Details.
  7. Select the OK button at the bottom of the Section Expert dialog box.
  8. Size the field you placed in Details from left to right so it does not exceed the Column width size.
  9. Preview the report.

OPTION 2: Use three formulas with Variables.

In the report Group Header:

StringVar chain := "";
NumberVar ChCnt := 1

In the Details section: (suppress section or formula)

StringVar Item:= {TABLE.EN_US};
StringVar Chain;
NumberVar ChCnt;

if ChCnt = 1
    then (ChCnt:= 2; chain := Item)

 if instr(Chain, Item) = 0 then

if Length(Chain) + Length(Item) > 254 
    then Chain := Chain else
    Chain := Chain + ', ' + Item

In the report Group Footer:

StringVar Chain;

OPTION 3a: Use formulas and then create Summary (Maximum) of those values

  1. Create a formula for each different type of field value that you want do display in their own column (left to right).
    • a. formula 1 = "HomePhone" = If {PHONETYPE.EN_US} = "Home" then {PHONENUMBER.EN_US} else ""
    • b. formula 2 = "BusinessPhone" = If {PHONETYPE.EN_US} = "Business" then {PHONENUMBER.EN_US} else ""
  2. Drag the formula into the Details section oriented beside each other in their appropriate column location.
  3. Right click on each formula and select Insert/Summary.  Choose Maximum and also select the appropriate Group for where the Summary field will be sorted and grouped.
  4. Suppress Details section.  The desired values will be showing in the Summary/Maximum fields which you can leave in the Group Footer or you can move them to the Group Header section.


OPTION 3b: Use fields and/or formulas and then create Summary (Nth Smallest) of those values
Note: this solution only works for a fixed number (N) of values in the field
  1. Place the field/formula into the Details section of the report.
  2. Right click on the field/formula and select Insert, Summary, Nth Smallest, N=1.
  3. Repeat step #2 for all values. For example, if field has 5 values then repeat until N=5.
  4. Place the resulting summary fields in the desired section and arrange in horizontal columns as needed.