When creating a case regarding a user having restricted access, please include the following information:

  1. What is the case priority (Problem, Critical, Down)?
  2. Is the issue time sensitive?
  3. Does this occur in the test environment, production, or both (If applicable)?
  4. Is this a Blackbaud Customization?
  5. Is this a customization built by your organization?
  6. What system role should have access?
  7.  What user does not have rights?
  8. Can an administrator see the task?
  9. Have you verified through page designer the permissions are set correctly?
  10. If the user can see the task but receives an error, please provide the specific error.
  11. Please provide the export file for the system role.

    Please provide any other helpful information.


NOTE: This list is a starting point. Follow-up questions may be necessary.