When creating a case on error messages in the application, please include the following information:

  1. What is the case priority (Problem, Critical, Down)?
  2. Is the issue time sensitive?
  3. Does this occur in the test environment, production, or both (If applicable)?
  4. Is this a Blackbaud Customization?
  5. Is this a customization built by your organization?
  6. What is the specific error message?
  7. Are you able to reproduce the error? If so, what are the steps to duplicate the error? 
  8. Are all users experiencing the error?  If no, then on the machine reporting the issue, can you duplicate with an administrator?
  9. If the issue is with word merge process, please provide the Office version.
  10. What steps have been taken to troubleshoot the error? 

Please provide any other helpful information.


NOTE: This list is a starting point. Follow-up questions may be necessary.