Committing is a term associated with Batch.  When you commit a batch, you are adding the records from that batch to records in The Raiser's Edge:

  • A gift batch will add gifts to the Gift tab on constituent records.
  • A constituent batch will create new constituent records.
  • A time sheet batch (available with the optional RE:Volunteer module) will add time sheets to the Volunteer tab on constituent records.

Posting is a term associated with the General Ledger and only applies to gifts. When you post a gift in The Raiser's Edge, two things happen:

  1. In The Raiser's Edge, gifts have their GL Post Status changed to Posted.
  2. And one of the following occurs:
  • If your Raiser's Edge posts to the Financial Edge (General Ledger), information is sent to The Financial Edge creating a journal entry batch.
  • OR if your Raiser's Edge does not post to the Financial Edge, an output file is created that can be used by other accounting programs to import the General Ledger journal entries there.