NOTE: Before using this process, it is necessary to eliminate any gifts that have more than one soft credit recipient.

  1. Create a Gift query of all gifts that need to be changed
  2. Create a new constituent and save the record (This will be a dummy constituent with the sole purpose of later being deleted)
  3. Select File, Properties and record the ImportID for this new constituent
  4. Close the constituent record
  5. Select Admin, Import, Gifts, Soft Credit
  6. Click New
  7. Select Create an Import File
  8. Include the query from step 1
  9. Click the button with the ellipsis marks and enter a file name
  10. Click Open
  11. Select Create Now
  12. Open the Import File created in Step 5
  13. Replace the Import ID number under the SoftCredRecip column, with the ImportID for the constituent that was created in step 2
  14. Repeat Step 13 for each row in the Import File
  15. Save the import file
  16. Create a new Soft Credit import
  17. Select Update existing records
  18. Include the import file
  19. Select Update Now
  20. Delete the dummy constituent to delete the soft credits