Try each of the following steps in order until the error is resolved:
  1. Ensure that the Windows account for the user has Local Administrative rights on their workstation or has the appropriate NTFS rights to specific folders (BB50354) on the workstation.
  2. Grant Read & Execute NTFS Permissions (BB3124) to the Deploy folder on the server.
  3. Search for (BB52985) the BBUPDATE.INI file and rename it (BB520927) to BBUPDATE.OLD
  4. Manually update/repair the workstation (BB57039) by running setup.exe from the Deploy folder on the server
If experiencing this issue when The Raiser's Edge 7 is installed on a Windows 10 workstation, please see Error: Startup Error: Automation error Main Startup Step: CBBStartSeq.Startup Start Sequence Step: DetermineUserNameandPassword - when logging in on a Windows 10 workstation.