Create the report and dashboard with the following parameters:

Fund Summary Dashboard
  • Check all gift types
  • Use same date range as report
  • Include same funds as report

Fund Comparison Summary Report
  • General tab: 
             Include All Records
             Date range: (same as dashboard)
             Mark Include Inactive constituents, Deceased Constituents, Constituents with no valid address checkboxes
  • Filters tab:
             Include same funds as dashboard
  • Gift types tab:
             Cash, Gift in Kind, Pay-Cash, Recurring Gift Pay-Cash, Other, MG Pay-Cash, Stock/Property (Sold), Pledge, Stock/Property, Recurring Gift

             Mark the following checkboxes:

-Use Sale Date for sold stock property
-Use Sale Amount for sold stock property
-Subtract Broker Fee from sold stock property
-Use gift balance instead of gift amount
-Calculate gift balance based on date range, campaign, fund, and appeal

The Total in the report will match the Total Committed in the dashboard.