1. In Mail, Labels and Envelopes,create a new label parameter.
  2. Select Student Relationships in the Labels For drop down.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, mark the option to create an output query of Student Relations.
  4. Click Preview and save the query when the save screen appears. Save and close the label parameter.
  5. Go to Query and open the saved query.
  6. On the Criteria tab, enter the following criteria:
    Relationships - Relationship - one of [son, daughter, etc.]
    Addresses - Primary Address? - Yes
  7. On the output tab, output select:
    Relationships - Relation - Relation First Name
    Relationships - Relation - Relation Last Name
    Addressee/Salutations - [desired addressee/salutation]
    Addresses - Address Block (plus city, state, zip, etc)
  8. On the sort tab, sort by Relation last name or any other desired fields.
  9. Run the query. and export to Excel to edit the data, if necessary.