1. In Records, Products and Billing items, click the arrow beside New Flat Rate and select New Automatic Item: Vary Amount by Grade.
  2. On the General tab, define an Item ID, Status, Description, and valid dates for the item.
  3. Select a Bill Code to include when generating transactions automatically.
  4. To include the automatic item in TRP calculations and finance charge calculations, mark Include in TRP calculation and Item is subject to finance and late charges.
  5. Enter each grade level and the total amount of the plan for each grade.
  6. On the Schedule tab, define the dates that the plan should generate and the percentage of the total to generate on each date. Verify the number in the Number of dates: field matches the number of dates you enter.
  7. On the GL Distribution tab, enter the correct account information for the charges.
  8. Save and Close the Billing Item.

Note: Remove the bill code from other Product/Billing items to prevent both charges from generating automatically.