1. In the grid, right-click the number of the row above where you would like to insert a line (this is the left-most column.)
2. Using the pop-up menu that appears, select Insert Column.
3. When it asks for the name of the column, give it a name for your reference (i.e. Wages, Social Security Tax Withheld, etc).
4.  For a default cell value, enter in an amount if all the amounts are going to be the same.  If not, leave this blank.
5. Click Ok.
6. Click on the title of the column that says unassigned and select the appropriate box on the W-2 where these amounts should be placed (i.e. Box 1, Box 12 Code DD).

NOTE - adding an employee's W-2 information here WILL NOT update the Payroll 7 data in The Financial Edge.