1. Create a new Constituent query.
2. On the Criteria tab, filter on the desired constituents (such as Event participations, Events, Event name equals [event name].
3. Save this query.
4. Create a new Gift query.
5. Filter on Gift Information, Gift Date between [range]
AND Gift Information, Gift is Linked to an Event Registration Fee equals Yes
6. Save this query.
7. Create a new Constituent export.
8. On the General tab, click Include, Selected Records to add the Constituent query created from step 2 .
9. On the Output tab, select the desired constituent fields.
10. Also select Gifts, Receipt amount.
11. In the criteria window, enter the number of linked gifts to export. Also be sure to select the desired date range.
12. On the Filters tab, select the Gift query created in step 5.
13. Click OK.
14. Select any other desired gift fields (such as Gifts, Linked Events, Registrations Fees, Event name).
15. Save and export this file.