Checked-out User Releases transactions

While reviewing the transaction that is checked out, confirm the transaction Date/Status and see if the transaction is checked out by a user. Below is a screenshot example that notes "Checked out by:" and "Checked out on:"
  • If the transaction shows the user who checked it out and this user still has access to NetCommunity:
    1. Have that user log in to Raiser's Edge
    2. Open the NetCommunity plugin
    3. Click the transaction link in question
    4. Unmark the box for the transaction in question or process the transaction
    5. If you unmarked the box for the transaction in question, close the plugin window, then click File>Exit & Sign Out
  • If the transaction shows the user who checked it out and this user does not have access to NetCommunity, proceed to the next bold section

Check in all transactions via any user
On your keyboard, press Ctrl Alt F6, at the same exact time, to check in all transactions. If you see a prompt, accept the prompt and proceed. 
If Ctrl Alt F6 is not working to check in the transactions, this indicates your keyboard may have a unique configuration. You may need to use the onscreen keyboard or you can request a colleague check it in on your behalf. 

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