​If reporting on the post date of transactions, the Transaction Journal is the best option.

  1. In General Ledger, go to Reports>Journal and Batch Reports>Transaction Journal.
  2. Either open a saved parameter or click Transaction Journal then new.
  3. On the General tab, set to Include All Dates.
  4. On the Filters tab, changes Batches from All to Selected.
  5. Enter the appropriate batch number(s).
  6. Click Preview to review the report. 

*Note: Batch Detail/Summary reports give batch information, but cannot report by post date (the date set for posting in the system) because each transaction in the batch has an individual post date rather than the entire batch having a single post date. Instead, batch reports can be generated using the date the Post button is clicked by a user. For this reason, the Transaction Journal is necessary to report on the system post date of transactions.