If you change the rating table associated with a skill in Configuration to a different table, the new table will show on courses that do not have Grading Information already defined. Any existing grading information will continue to use the old table. This will not affect any skills already entered in and/or posted from FAWeb.

Further, the only way to disassociate a skill with a ratings table in grading information is to delete the skill. Refer to How to change ratings table associated with skill after skill has been added to course.

If you do have a separate session for your second semester, changing the skills rating table in Configuration, then adding the skill to the course grading information for future sessions will not delete or change the ratings table used and student ratings given in past sessions. 

Based on the above information, you may find that you need to add new entries to the existing table rather than change the skill to use a new table (at least for this academic year). If this is the case, refer to How to define skills categories, display names, and ratings tables in The Education Edge.

You may also mark the old entries as Inactive so that the inactive choices will no longer appear in the drop down within FAWeb when adding new ratings for students, but they will still appear for existing student ratings.


Before marking a rating as Inactive:
Sally - Skill: Behavior - Rating: N

After marking the rating ‘N’ Inactive and making ‘U’ a new entry for the table used by the Behavior skill:
-- N still appears for Sally’s Behavior in FAWeb Gradebook and EE Grades
-- U is now available when clicking the drop down arrow (list) for Behavior and N is no longer a choice