Before completing the following steps, determine which records and accounts you would like to keep.

This example assumes we want to keep The Raiser's Edge record 'RE Record A' and Blackbaud NetCommunity account 'AccountToKeep'. Chagne steps as necessary to match your unique situation.
  1. Log into Blackbaud NetCommunity > Administration > Users.
  2. Search for 'AccountToKeep'. Delete this user (red X in the action column)
  3. Search for 'AccountToDelete'. Delete this user
  4. Mark the 'Deleted' checkbox & click the 'Go' button
  5. Edit user 'AccountToDelete' and click the 'Break Link' button. Click Save
  6. Edit user 'AccountToKeep' and click the 'Break Link' button.
  7. Click the hyperlnk: 'undelete and generate a sign-up transaction'. Click Save
    Note:- We will ignore the sign-up and return to it once the records in RE and EE are updated.
  8. In The Education Edge, open the linking grid
  9. Unlink 'RE Record B' and 'EE Record'
  10. Access The Raiser's Edge and merge 'RE Record B' into 'RE Record A'
  11. Access The Education Edge and the linking grid
  12. Link 'RE Record A' with 'EE Record'
  13. In The Raiser's Edge, access the Blackbaud NetCommunity plug-in.
  14. Locate the sign-up transaction created in step 7 for 'AccountToKeep'
  15. Link 'AccountToKeep' Blackbaud NetCommunity account to 'RE Record A'