Add a line of distribution that includes a sales tax account.
  1. In Records, Invoices, open the invoice.
  2. Select the Distribution tab.
  3. Enter the distribution for the sales tax.
If the sales tax needs to be included but should not affect the total amount distribution of the invoice, add it as a Miscellaneous Entry.
  1. From an open transaction record, select the Distribution tab.
  2. In the field above the grid, select Miscellaneous Entries.
  3. In the DR Account Number column, enter the debit account(s) for the miscellaneous entry.
  4. Enter the amount of the distribution in the Amount column. You can manually enter amounts for each account or you can click Distribute Evenly to distribute amounts equally among the selected accounts.
  5. In the CR Account Number column, enter the credit account(s) for the miscellaneous entry.
  6. If applicable, enter the Interfund, Project, Class, Transaction Code, Attribute and Budget information.
  7. To preview General Ledger debits and credits for the invoice, click DR/CR Entries on the action bar above the grid.
  8. Click Save and Close.