1. In Configuration, Benefits, create a non-cash benefit.
  2. On the Benefit tab, select Report only, no withholding from the Withholding Setting drop-down list for Medicare tax.
  3. Select Do not withhold tax or report, or Not subject to for all other federal, state, and local taxes.
  4. Save and close the Benefit record.
  5. In Payroll Processing, create calculations.
  6. On the processing complete screen, click View Results.
  7. On the Payroll Calculation Batch [number] screen, highlight the employee to be adjusted and click Open.
  8. In the dark gray bar, click the arrow to the right of New Pay Type and select Add New Benefit from the drop-down menu.
  9. On the New Benefit for [Employee Name} screen, select Non-Cash Compensation from the Benefit Category drop-down menu.
  10. In the Benefit ID/Description field, select the benefit created in step 1.
  11. Enter the amount in the Total Amount field:
    • Enter a positive number to increase taxable wages
    • Enter a negative number to decrease taxable wages (must change the amount to amount per period)

    For example, if the current box amount is $500 and it should be $600, you would enter $100 in the Amount field or if the current box amount is $600 and it should be $500, you would enter ($100) in the Amount field.

  12. Click Save and Close.
  13. On the Payroll Calculation for [Employee Name} screen, select the Calculation Summary tab, and verify the Current and YTD amounts are correct.
  14. Click Save and Close.
  15. Print payroll checks.
  16. Run the Adjusted Gross Wage Report to verify the change.