There is not a button or setting in The Raiser's Edge to "dump" all the stored data. The Raiser's Edge stores data in a complex backend using a series of linked tables, so any "dump" could create either a very large spreadsheet (for example, using an Excel or a Text format) or a complex data file (for example, using an Access format).

The Constituent export type has all the fields that are stored on a constituent record. It will list one constituent on each row and put one field in each column.. (NOTE: The following steps will export all constituent records in the database, thus possibly creating a very large file.) To create the export:
  1. Create a new Constituent export.
  2. On the General tab, include All Records.
  3. On the Output tab, select the appropriate fields to export.
  4. Click Export Now.
  NOTE: When selecting Gifts to export, there is a limit of 99 Gifts that can be exported at once, so you may need to export again with different filters for the Constituents who have given more than 99 Gifts.