Check FAWeb user rights for Attendance:
  1. In Administration, Set up system Security, open the FAWeb user group
  2. Mark the checkbox for Registrar's Office under System Components
  3. Mark the checkbox for Attendance under Registrar's Office
  4. With Attendance highlighted under Registrar's Office, click Options
  5. Mark the checkbox for Entry Tasks and mark the checkbox for Edit
  6. Click Save and close
If taking Class or Day attendance:
  • Ensure that the academic year is set to take Class or Day attendance
  1. In Registrar's Office, select Configuration, Academic Years, open the appropriate academic year.
  2. On the General tab, select Class or Day in the Track attendance by field.
  • Make sure that both a meeting and teacher are scheduled for the day to take the attendance
  1. In Registrar's Office, click Scheduling, then Open a class
  2. Search for and open the class in question
  3. Select the Meetings tab
  4. Make sure that the meetings are correctly scheduled for each cycle day and that the correct teacher is listed for each meeting
  • Check for day attendance that may have already been entered in Registrar's Office
  1. In Registrar's Office, select Attendance, Enter attendance by student.
  2. Search for the student(s) and select the appropriate date.
  3. Select Day in the Enter attendance by field.
  4. Check grid for day attendance entries and remove them if necessary.

If taking Day Only attendance:
  • Verify the options Attendance Business Rules
  1. In Registrar's Office, select Configuration, Business Rules, Attendance.
  2. Confirm the selection for the If entering day attendance, require users to indicate "attendance taken" when taking attendance by... field.
  3. If Class has been selected, enter the same time as the class meeting time.