1. Create a query of current parents.
  2. Create an Individual export.
  3. On the Filters tab, for the Individuals filter select the query from step 1 .
  4. In Export, create an Individual export
  5. Select any appropriate filters, and then select the Output tab
  6. Expand Individual, double click First name and Last name
  7. Expand Relationships> double click Position in organization
    • This will bring up another window. Enter the preferred number of relationships to export and filter based on preference on the General and Filters tab. 
    • User-added image
  8. From the Relationships section>Double Department in organization
  9. Expand Relationships>Organization relation> Double click Name
  10. Expand Relationships>Organization relation> Addresses>Full address
  11. This will bring up a screen to determine how many Addresses to export. Enter your preferred settings > Click okay.User-added image
  12. Expand Relationships>Organization relation>Addresses>Contact information> Double click Contact number
  13. Enter the preferred number of Contacts to export along with the preferred Contact Types >Click Okay  User-added image
  14. Add any other preferred fields to the export.
  15. Preview and then export   
User-added image