1. Create a new Constituent query
  2. Filter on Gifts, Tribute Type equals [value]
  3. Next, filter on Gifts, Gift Date Between [range]
  4. Save this query
  5. Create a new Gift query
  6. Filter on Gift Information, Gift Date between [range]
  7. Then filter on Tributes, Tribute Type equals [value]
  8. Save this query
  9. Create a new Constituent export
  10. On the General tab, include the Constituent query created in step 1
  11. On the Output tab, select Constituent Information, Name
  12. Then select Gifts, Honor/Memorial Name
  13. On the Gift Criteria screen, select to output the number of gifts desired
  14. On the Filters tab, include the gift query created in step 5
  15. Click OK
  16. Output any other desired field for these gifts
  17. Save the export
  18. Click Export now to select a file name and location.