First, create a new Category of skills to be loaded in.

1. Navigate to the Course record
2. Click on the Grading tab
3. Open the Grading information for the year you need to edit
4. Click the Skills tab towards the bottom of that window
5. Unmark the marking columns that the existing skills will not be used for (for example, in a year-long course with 4 quarters, if you change mid-year you would unmark Quarter 3 and Quarter 4) Note: If you deselect the checkbox for a marking column on the Skills tab of a course record, you delete all ratings entered for that skill for that course in that marking column in the selected academic year in Grades and Faculty Access for the Web. Skill ratings will have to be re-added to Grades.
6. Click Load Category
7. Load the new Category of skills
8. Unmark the marking columns that skills have already been recorded for, and mark the marking columns that the new skills will be used for.