The Account Beginning Balance =
The Account Ending Balance as of end of the previous fiscal year
+ Prior year's Net Surplus/Deficit (Revenues-Expenses)
+ Any manual journal entries made to that particular Fund Balance Account
= Total as of the starting report date on the General Ledger report

To verify amounts day to day in the fund balance account in the General Ledger report:

1. Create an Income Statement that is filtered on that particular fund.
2. On the Columns tab, double click on the "Actual" column and select the date range tab.
3. From the drop down, select specific range
4. Enter dates that correspond to the beginning of the fiscal year through the date for which the General Ledger report is being run. This will give the amount being mock closed in its entirety in the form of the "Ending Balance".

Then, run the General Ledger report as of a specific date range, and use the ending date from the Income Statement as the start date on the General Ledger report.
For more information on which reports mock close, click here BB22412