1. In Configuration, Addressees/Salutations, create a new Addressee/Salutation that contains only the Last Name field.
  2. Exit and sign out of The Raiser's Edge.
  3. Log back into The Raiser's Edge. This will make the new Addressee option available in Mail.
  4. In Mail, create a new set or open an existing set of Quick Letters.
  5. On the Fields to Include tab, select Primary Addressee:
                  a. Double-click Addressee. 
                  b. Click options.
                  c. Mark From Individual. 
                  d. Select Primary Addressee.
                  e. Click OK. 

         6. On the Fields to Include tab, select Salutation:

                  a. Double-click Salutation. 
                  b. Click Options.
                  c. Mark From Configuration. 
                  d. Select the newly added salutation that consists of last name only. It will display in the list as "Smith."
                  e. Click OK. 
         7. Set other Quick Letters parameters, as needed.
         8. Click Merge or Export.