If Blackbaud does not host your Raiser's Edge database:
  1. Go to for the most recent version of the Connector
  2. Log into your account if requested
  3. On the list of available product downloads, select “The Raiser’s Edge Sphere Connector” (Note: If you do not see this link your organization either does not have the Sphere Connector purchased, or your User account does not have a Sphere role to give you access)
  4. Choose the link for the .exe file to begin the download
  5. Click Save and choose a location to save the file
  6. Once the download is completed, navigate to the file in the save location and run it on the appropriate workstations and server.
    • On the server, install the plug-in and service for your Sphere Account ID (this is not the same number as your Site ID)
    • On the workstations, install the plug-in only

Please ensure all accounts are logged out of The Raiser's Edge at the time of install and the server is restarted after install.

**If you are installing the Connector on a new server, please make sure you have uninstalled it from the previous server, first.

If Blackbaud hosts your Raiser's Edge database: Chat With Support and reference this article.