Note: If you are exporting course request because you need to make changes to scheduling or plan to import the course request into Education Edge after exporting, please refer to KB 39220 to prepare the import file.


Create a new Student request report to group together the desired students, then filter the export on the records included in the report:

  1. In Reports, select Request Reports
  2. Create a new Student Request Report.
  3. On the General tab of the report, check the box to Create an Output query of students.
  4. Define desired report parameters, selecting the school, academic year, session and terms. 
  5. On the Filters tab, select any desired filters (ex. Student Statuses - Enrolled).
  6. Preview the report, ensuring all desired records are included.
  7. Save the output query with a unique name when prompted.
  8. In the Export module, select to create a new Student export in the desired format.
  9. On the Filters tab, change the Students filter to Selected.
  10. Select the query created above as a the filter.
  11. On the Output tab, select the desired fields to output, including course requests, by expanding Course Requests and selecting the fields.
  12. Click Export Now