1. Go to Config, Letters, Gift letters.
2. Click New Letter.
3. Fill in a Letter Description.
4. Click the Add a new Blackbaud Word Merge Export button.
5. Output Constituent, Summary Information, Gifts, Total Gift Amount.
- Add any filters needed. On the Gift types tab, include Pledge only and click OK.
6. Repeat step 5 - this time marking the Use Gift balance instead of Gift Amount checkbox (and Calculate gift balance based on date range, campaign, fund and appeal checkbox if needed.) Click OK.
7. Output any other desired fields.
8. Click Edit merge document at the top of the export screen.
9. Insert the body of the letter and insert The Raiser's Edge fields as needed.
10. Click Save and Return to RE7 to Merge.
11. Click Save and Close on the export screen.
12. Click Save and Close on the Letter window.