The original fields sent in the data file will be returned. In addition we will return the following:

NewAddress: One Line Address
NewCity: City
New State: State
NewZip: Zip + 4 when available
NewDPC: Delivery Point Code
NewCART: Carrier Route
NEWLOT: Line Of Transfer
MOVE TYPE: Individual, Business or Family
DLV CODE: Please see Translation
Delivery Code: Please see Translation
NewZ4: 4 digit Zip where available 

DLVCodeDelivery Code

*A new address is returned.

For Canadian NCOA only 4 data points returned.  Valid, Invalid, corrected, forwardable move.

FMoved to a Foreign Address
GPO Box has been closed and no forwarding address given
KNo forwarding address entered on form
LTemporary Address has lapsed
MForwardable Move*
NNixie - No forwarding address available
PChange of address form filed, but new address not in USPS Records
SForwardable Move, but secondary address cannot be verified*