The Citrix Universal Printer is not available if you are working on the Mac OS X operating system, refer to How to print to network printers when using a Mac
  1. Navigate to File > Print Setup
  2. Select Citrix Universal Printer from the drop-down box then click OK
  3. Run your print job as normally by clicking the printer icon or print button
  4. You will see a thumbnail preview of your document in the EMF Viewer
  5. Click the printer icon from the top left of the EMF Viewer. 
  6. You will now see all your networked printer options. This will be the same view as if you navigate in Windows to Start > Devices & Printers. 
  7. Select your printer of choice and proceed. 
NOTE: Some printers may not be Citrix compatible or have the appropriate drivers installed to print from within Blackbaud Hosting Services, even though the printer may work locally. Click here to troubleshoot printing within Blackbaud Hosting Services