The Lookup ID is a unique value for a record in ResearchPoint and may be used to search for and/or import new information into this record (using a Constituent Update Batch).

When adding a record manually to ResearchPoint, this value is automatically populated but can be edited by the user per these steps. If you're already in the Constituent record view, skip to step 2:
  1. From the Prospect record, click the View as Constituent option
  2. From the Tasks menu on the left, click Edit lookup ID
  3. Overwrite the existing value
NOTE: This will need to be unique for all records in your ResearchPoint database
  1. Click Save
When importing a spreadsheet into ResearchPoint, you can create a column for Lookup ID and assign this value to the records.

Note: The following may apply if Target Analytics created your database:
  • If the database was created from records in Raiser's Edge, the Lookup ID will correspond to the Raiser's Edge Constituent ID or Import ID.
  • If the database was created from records in Researcher's Edge, the Lookup ID will correspond to the Researcher's Edge Record ID.