Possible causes include, but are not limited to: 

  • The record or rating was deleted from the database (Researcher's Edge, The Raiser's Edge, ResearchPoint).
  • The record was not included in the original screening for one of the following reasons: 
    • The record did not have a USA home address
    • The record had an APO or FPO address (military addresses)
    • The record only had a partial USA home address (the address lines or state were missing or just contained spaces)
    • The record had unusual characters in the home address lines (very unusual characters like Carriage Return markers, or other control type characters)
    • The record was actually an Organization submitted as an Individual (currently, these services do not apply to Organization constituents)
  • The record excepted during the import process.
  • For some large data files over (100k records), we return only the number of records purchased