Review kb BB135422- The Basics of Importing
1.  Create an import file with the Required Fields:
·         Course Import ID
·         Fee Description
·         Fee Type Amount
·         Academic Year
·         Session
·         School
·         Billing Import ID
*Fields in Italics are conditionally required
2.  On the navigation bar, click Administration
3.  Click Import records
4.   Select the Import Type of Course Billing
5.   Select whether to import new records or overwrite existing information to update records
6.   To validate the import file before actually adding records, mark Validate data only. When you later click Validate Now, the import file is validated but no changes are made to your database. After you validate the import file and you are ready to run the import, unmark Validate data only.
7.   Check whether or not to create new tables entries if they do not exist
8.   Enter the file path and name of the import file
9.   In the Use [ ] to match records in the import file with existing records field, select the record ID contained in the import file. This field is used for linking imported records with records already saved in the database.
10. In the What is the format of this import file? frame, mark Delimited or Fixed Width.  
Delimited - Characters separate the fields
Fixed width - Fields and records have a set length
11.  Click Next
12.  If you selected to use a delimited data format, in the Field Separators and Text Qualifiers frame, select the field separators and text qualifiers used in the import file.
13.  In the Import Field Names frame, mark the option designating the location of field names in the import file.
14.  Click Next
15.  If you included field names in the import file, they appear in the Field to Import column. The program automatically maps those fields to their equivalents in the Import Field column. Check these mappings to make sure they are correct.
16.  If you did not include field names, the first row of data from your import file appears in the Field to Import column. You must manually map the field data to their equivalents in the Import Field column.