1. Open the affected Employee record and go to the Attendance tab.
  2. Make sure there is currently an attendance plan in place before the accrual should stop.
  3. If there are any additional plans, go ahead and delete them so only the original plan is in place.
  4. Click New Attendance Plan on the Action Toolbar.
  5. In the screen that appears, select the Plan ID <User Defined>.
  6. Give the new plan a description.
  7. For the Plan year, select "Based on a specific date".
  8. Enter the day BEFORE accrual should stop in the Start month and day field.
  9. Enter the day when accrual should stop in the Plan effective date field.
  10. Save and close the plan.
  11. Switch over to Attendance Record.
  12. Click on Summary in the Action Toolbar.
  13. Select "Specific date" from the Attendance accrued through dropdown and enter the effective date from the plan just added..
  14. Select "As defined above" from the Attendance credited/used for dropdown.
  15. Click Refresh in the upper right-hand corner.
  16. Note that the employee does still have a balance carried over, but the ending balance is 0 and there is no accrual, hours used, credited, etc.
  17. Click Close.
  18. Switch back to the Attendance Plan view and add the new accrual plan.
  19. After adding the plan, return to Attendance Records view and click Summary.
  20. Set the specific date to the effective date of the new accrual plan and check out the new balance.
  21. Any remaining hours used or credited should be reversed by adding an Attendance record dated the day before the employee's return and crediting the amount if originally used or using the amount if originally credited.