Once you move to version 7.91 you can not store valid credit card numbers, in the credit card number field, without the BBPS.

If you elect not to use the BBPS and you insert a credit card number only, the number will be truncated and replaced with question marks and the last 4 digits (????????????1234). If your organization is not integrated, full and valid credit card information will prompt to integrate with the BBPS and will not be able to due to no account in Config, General. In this instance, users will receive an error that no BBPS account has been found (Error: The Raiser's Edge cannot connect to the Blackbaud Payment Service. For the secure storage of new or edited credit card information, The Raiser's Edge requires a connection to the Blackbaud Payment Service.) For example, if entering a Pledge gift with a credit card pay method and your organization does not have a BBPS account, you will receive the above error when trying to save the gift. 
NOTE: This is only going to be true of gifts entered in the Records module. Batch users will not have full functionality of the credit card number field without the use of the BBPS.

For more information, refer to Where in The Raiser's Edge are credit card numbers replaced with reference tokens by the Blackbaud Payment Service?

If your organization initially declined to use the BBPS, and now desire to use BBPS:

  • Go to https://bbps.blackbaud.com/ to create an account
    • If you have already updated, you must log into The Raiser's Edge as Supervisor and enter your BBPS credentials in Config > General
    • If you have not yet updated, make note of the BBPS credentials you create so that you can enter them when prompted during the update
  • If you have already updated, credit card data that was lost during the update will not come back after registering for BBPS

For more information, review the Blackbaud Payment Services Agreement.