The Duplicate Constituent Merge Custom Module is especially beneficial to organizations that import new constituent records on a regular basis. 
Note: This utility has been replaced by the far superior Mass Merge Plugin.
  • Uses Raiser’s Edge duplicate checking criteria.
  • Uses a Raiser’s Edge query so you can work with smaller groups of constituents.
  • Presents duplicate records and lets you indicate which record(s) should be merged into another record. It can also run in auto-merge mode.
  • All data from the deleted records will be merged into the new record so that all history will be available. Duplicate merging will attempt to merge all data and will log any exceptions due to data inconsistencies.
  • Lets you select which record is the ‘merge to’ record based on the following criteria: newest gift, oldest gift, newest constituent, oldest constituent, greatest number of gifts, an attribute.
  • Provides options for merging all matching records immediately, or requiring user interaction to effect the merge.
  • Allows including alias names in the duplicate checking.
  • Additional enhancements can be delivered via customization.
  • No additional maintenance costs.
  • Makes solicitors more efficient with communications.
  • Maximizes your return on investment in mailings and phone calls.
  • Reduces embarrassing duplicate mailings.
  • Simplifies merging constituent records by presenting possible duplicate records to the user via a report and user-friendly grid.
  • Allows you to deal with groups of records rather than one constituent at a time thereby speeding up the process.
  • Maintains accountability by transferring all pledges, gifts, and appeals with the record you choose to keep.
Please contact Blackbaud account representative if you are interested in the Mass Merge Plugin.