1. In Records, Memberships, open the appropriate membership record and select Past Renewals at the bottom of the Membership tab.  If the renewal letter code you are expecting to generate already exists in the member's Past Renewals, it will not generate again.

2. In Config, Membership Categories, open the appropriate membership category, and select the Renewal Information tab.  Verify that the member is eligible to receive the next available renewal letter code based on the renewal information schedule.  If not, you may need to add a new letter on the next blank row.

For example:

If a member's membership expires on 6/30 and they already have the Second Notice in their Past Renewals for the membership category; they are due to receive the Third Notice one month after expiration; and the notice date for the renewals is set to 6/1: the renewal code generated will be blank because they cannot receive the Second Notice again, but they are not yet due to receive the Third Notice.

If the notice date is set to 6/30, however, it will generate the Third Notice code, because as of that date their membership will have expired and it is within one month of that expiration.