If the payment applied to the Advance Deposit is not posted:
1. On the Student's Activity tab, open the Advance Deposit
2. On the Transaction tab, click the drop-down next to Billing/Description and select the correct item
3. Save and close the transaction

If the payment applied to the Advance Deposit is posted:
1. Open the Advance Deposit from the Activity tab of the student record
2. Select the Payments/Credits tab
3. Click Unapply all Payments/Credits, then click Save from the File menu
4. Click the Transaction tab
5. Change the Advance Deposit's Item/Description
6. Verify that the Schedule tab is correct, as well as the Apply To tab
7. Select the Payments/Credits tab
8. Select Add/Edit Applications
9. Mark Apply for the correct payment, then click Save and Close
10. Save and close the Advance Deposit

Note: The above steps assume credits have not yet been generated for the Advance Deposit