1. Create a Gift query that pulls in the correct gifts to include in the report on the Criteria tab
2. On the Output tab of the query, select the following fields (these are the fields you will use in the Pivot Report):
Constituent, Name
Gift Information, Gift Date
Gift Information, Gift Amount
Funds, Fund ID
Constituent, Constituency, Constituency Code
3. Go to Reports> Pivot Report
4. Create a new Pivot Report
5. Select Query and include the query from Steps 1 & 2
6. Mark the checkbox: Refresh Pivot Report each run
7. Click Generate
8. Under the PivotTable Fields, move the Name field to the Rows section
  • Users can also highlight the Name field, right-click and select Add to Row Labels
9. In the same PivotTable Fields, drag and drop Constituency Code to the Rows section
10. Drag and drop the Fund ID field to the Columns section
11. Drag and drop the Gift Date and Gift Amount to the Values section
  • Note: The Gift Date field should then appear as Count of Gift Date to count the total number of gifts given in the date range listed in the Criteria of the query.  The Gift Amount field will appear as Sum of Gift Amount for the Total Amount of Gifts given to a specific fund per donor.
12. Save the Pivot Report and close out of Excel
13. Save the Pivot Report parameters and click Generate to preview the results once again