Note:  When adding records from The Raiser's Edge to The Education Edge, records will only be added as Individuals or Organizations.  If any of these records should be Applicants, Students or Faculty/Staff records, they will have to be manually converted from an Individual record to the appropriate record type.  For more information, review How to change an individual record to a faculty/staff, student, or applicant record.  This will need to be done on a record-by-record basis, so if the majority of your records should be something other than Individuals, other methods for adding records, such as an import, may be more efficient. 
  1. On the navigation bar (from within The Education Edge or The Raiser's Edge database), click Integration.
  2. Click Link Records with The Raiser's Edge.
  3. From the Record Source drop-down menu, select Raiser's Edge.
  4. From the Linking menu, select Add Raiser's Edge Record to Grid.
  5. Select Query, search for the query of records to add, then click OK.  All of the records from the query will appear in the grid, ready to be added to the Education Edge.
  6. To add one record at a time, right click on the record to be added and select Add Record.
  7. To add all records at once, select Add all unmatched records.
For more information, review How to integrate education software with The Raiser's Edge.