General: You will get more reliable results if you try the following when totals are needed.
  • Make sure that your Crystal report is attached to the correct, most recent Database Export (.mdb) file
  • Make sure the Database Export criteria is correct
  • Verify that your Database Export is outputting correct data.  Even if all of the below is correct, if your data being exported contains incorrect data, the the Crystal report totals will be incorrect
  • If using Crystal Reports XI, make sure the table joins are set to Left Outer Join
  • Verify the database in Crystal Reports (Database > Verify Database)
  • Running Totals need to be placed in footer sections (Group Footer or Report Footer), if it is in a header section, it may produce incorrect totals
If Running Total is incorrect, check each of the following:
  1. Right-click on the Running Total and select Edit
    • Make sure you are Evaluating on a field that uniquely represents each occurrence of data to be added/counted
    • Verify that you are Resetting on the appropriate field or group
    • If you are using a formula for the Evaluate section, make sure that the formula is correct
  2. If you need a report grand total, make sure of the following:
    • The Running Total field exists in the Report Footer section
    • The Running Total exists in the main report (Report Footer section) and not in a subreport (Report Footer section) that is linked to a particular field from the main report which will show a report total for each occurrence of the subreport and not the main report.
  3. Change the Running Total to evaluate "on the change of field" and use the IDKEY field from the table that you are totaling. For example, if you are totaling Gf_Amount, then you would select Gf_IDKEY.  If you are totaling StsGrdsGrds_1_Awarded_Credits, then you would select StsGrdsGrds_1_IDKEY.
  4. Sometimes part of a report needs to use certain filters but other parts of the report need all records (no filters). If this is the case either allow all records into the report and conditionally suppress fields/sections as needed and/or filter the main report and for those parts that need all records (no filters) create subreports.
  5. Make sure that the Report > Select Expert formula is not keeping out needed records and also is not allowing in too many records.
  6. Make sure that the groups in your report are using the correct field or formula. Using the wrong field/formula for the group can give incorrect totals.
  7. Make sure that the field you are totaling is not a field that was previously summed in Raiser's Edge, Education Edge or Financial Edge. If this is the case you should verify that these Summary fields generated by the Blackbaud Export are accurate. The Export could be causing the issue.
  8. If certain records are being conditionally suppressed, they are still included in the Running Total value. You will need to also exclude those records using the Evaluate - use a formula section of the Running Total.

For more information on Running Totals, refer to How to use Running Totals in Crystal Reports