If you would like to see individual gifts and totals:
1. Create a Gift Detail and Summary report
2. Filter on the specific date range
3. On the Gift Types tab, enter the desired gift types in each of the 4 available columns
4. Preview the report. Scroll to the last page for the totals for each column

If you are only interested in totals:
1. Create a new Statistical Report
2. On the Fields tab, select Gift Type in the Field to use field. Include the desired gift types if needed
3. Select Columns and select the desired columns for the report
4. Preview the report

If you want to see the total amount of gifts for gift types for multiple date ranges:
1. Create a Comparisons and Summaries Report
2. On the Field tab, select Gift Type
3. On the Report Period tab, enter the date ranges to compare
4. Preview the report