You can export the data out of ResearchPoint by doing the following.

1. Go to Admin > Export
2. Select Add and name the Export
3. Click on the binoculars to select an Ad-Hoc Query
4. Select Add
5. Select a new Constituent Query
6. For the Criteria/Filters you will need to figure out how you would like to group the records.


You can simply choose Constituent Record and pull one constituent at a time using the Search function.

1. Once you have set up the constituent(s) you would like to pull into the query, go under the Field Explorer box
2. Find the fields you would like to export from the record(s)
3. Highlight the fields you would like to see
4. The Fields listed to the right of the Field Explorer box should now have all fields available to export from that section of the record.
5. Click and drag the fields that you would like to export into Output Fields box (found in the bottom right of the screen)
note: Any field that is in the Output is what will be exported.
6. Save and close out of the query once you have all of the fields you would like to export.
7. This will take you back to the Edit Export Process screen. Your query should be listed there now.
8. Click Save
9. Highlight your Export Process that was just created
10. Select Start Export
11. Once this has completed, the Recent Status tab will appear.
12. To the right of that tab you will see an option for Download Output. Select this and Single File.
13. Browse to where you would like the Export to be saved and name the File.
14. Choose Save.
15. You will then be prompted if you would like to open the file.