Integration Setup (accessed from Integration, Setup Integration with The Raiser's Edge) affects how constituent codes are added to records when the records are linked and when synchronization is run for already linked records.

Linking Records:
Integration Setup for constituency codes affects all record types (Students, Student Relationships, Faculty/Staff) when linking records if the constituency code does not already exist on the record.

For example, if Student Relationships in Integration Setup is set to include All Student Current Statuses and the constituency code for Father is 'Current Parent', then the father's constituent record will receive the constituency code 'Current Parent' when the record is linked (which would not be correct for Past Parents). This is also true for Student records and Faculty/Staff records.

Running Synchronization:
For records that are already linked, a constituency code will be added to Student and Faculty/Staff records that meet the criteria in Integration Setup if the constituency code does not already exist on the record. Constituency codes for Student Relationship constituent records will not be affected by Synchronization.

To avoid incorrect constituency codes being added to records when running synchronization or linking, be sure that the filters (such as Student Current Statuses) corresponds with the selected Constituency code in Integration Setup. For example, when linking records, work with groups of like records (such as Current Parents/Students all at once, then Past Parents/Students all at once), adjusting the Integration Setup filters and constituency codes accordingly in between groups.

If you do not want any constituency code added to any records, regardless of current status:
1. In the Link Records grid, match records and click Save Matches
2. Close the Link Records grid
3. Adjust the Integration Setup criteria so that the current matches do not meet the criteria (if working with parents of graduates, for example, adjust the criteria for Student Relationships to include students with a current status of Current Student)
4. Return to the Link Records grid and proceed with linking the records

Important Note: If Integration Setup is changed in the future to include all statuses and then synchronization is run, then the constituency code will be added to Student and/or Faculty Staff records that do not already have the constituency code selected in Integration Setup

So, you should take care in setting Integration Setup options at all times to ensure the filters directly correspond with the constituency code selected.