WealthPoint match codes help a user decide which wealth information returned is accurate to the constituent being searched on. Each piece of wealth information that is returned has a corresponding match code.
Because WealthPoint accesses enormous public and private databases to create wealth profiles, it is possible that a prospect you submit for screening could have the same name or address as someone else. For this reason, WealthPoint returns match codes with profiles to let you know how certain WealthPoint is that your prospect is the person in the profile. Here is an example of what the match codes mean. For a full documentation of the match codes, open ResearchPoint, navigate to the Prospects page and choose Edit confidence settings under the Configuration menu. Each data source has it's own set of detailed match codes, so for detailed listings for each, please use the documentation within ResearchPoint.

The 'S' codes (example: S1) signifies the record belongs to the spouse of the prospect being researched. 

Match CodeMatch Fields
P1/S1Last Name, Primary Address, First Name, Suffix
P2/S2Last Name, Primary Address, First Name
P3/S3Last Name, Primary Address, First/Middle Combination, Suffix
P4/S4Last Name, Primary Address, First/Middle Combination
P5/S5Last Name, DOB, First/Middle Combination
P6/S6Last Name, Phone Number, First/Middle Combination
P7/S7Last Name, Primary Address
P8/S8Last Name, Business Name or Address, First/Middle Combination
P9/S9Last Name, Not-for-profit Name, First/Middle Combination
P10/S10First 3 Characters Last Name, Primary Address, First/Middle Combination
P11/S11Last Name, Primary City, Primary State, Primary Zip Code, First/Middle Combination
P12/S12Last Name, Primary Zip Code, First/Middle Combination
P13/S13Last Name, Geographic Close Primary Zip Code, First/Middle Combination
P14/S14Last Name, First Three Digits Primary Zip Code, First/Middle Combination
P15/S15Last Name, First Three Digits Business Zip Code, First/Middle Combination
P16/S16Last Name, First Name, Suffix
P17/S17Last Name, First Name, Middle Name
P18/S18Last Name, Primary City, First/Middle Combination
P19/S19Last Name, Primary State, First/Middle Combination
P20/S20Last Name, ANY Zip Code, First/Middle Combination
P21/S21Last Name, First/Middle Combination
P22Primary Address, Primary Zip Code
P23Primary Address, Primary City, Primary State