Go to Start > Search > All Files and Folders and enter SortData.sti as the file name to see if it is present on the workstation. If it is, browse to this location when prompted to find the SortData.sti.

If it is not on the workstation:
  • Copy this file from another workstation
  • Update/repair AddressAccelerator on the workstation. This can be done by:
    1. Double-clicking Update.exe from the AddressAccelerator folder on the workstation where it is installed Where are AddressAccelerator datafiles installed? (BB548756)
      Note: If the Update.exe isinstalled on a shared network drive, rather than the workstation, copy the Update.exe file to the workstation and run it. (This file is named CAUpdate.exe for Canadian AddressAccelerator.)
    2. Accept all defaults when runing the Update.exe file.