1. Ensure that The Raiser's Edge plug-in version matches the current Blackbaud NetCommunity version by comparing the plug-in to:
    • [netcommunity url]/testconfig.aspx if Netcommunity is pre 7.0
    • [netcommunity url]/configinfo.aspx if Netcommunity is version 7.0 or newer
  2. If the versions do not match update The Raiser's Edge plug-in to the correct version.
  3. Upgrade the Blackbaud NetCommunity webserver and The Raiser's Edge 7 webservices server to the same Blackbaud NetCommunity software version.
  4. Check the database number in Administration -- > Configuration to verify it matches the REINI_# key.
  5. Check the Blackbaud NetCommunity Config files to assure that the correct database is listed in the connection strings
    • [Drive]:\Program Files\Blackbaud\PlugInService - web.config
    • [Drive]:\Program Files\Blackbaud\BBNCServices - NetCommunityService.exe.config
    • [Drive]:\Program Files\Blackbaud\NetCommunity - web.config