1. Log into FAWEB as Supervisor or a user with Supervisor rights.
  2. Select Setup and click Email. (Note: if using FAWeb version 7.83 and higher, highlight Setup and select Define email relationship filters).
  3. Select All or Selected for the Relationship types to include.  If choosing Selected, mark the checkbox(es) next to the appropriate Relationship Types.
  4. Enter the number of relations that should be included in the mailing in the Maximum number of relations for each student field.
  5. Select Ignore, Include, or Exclude for the following: Emergency contacts, Relations that receive a report card, Relations that the student lives with, Relationships that show on transcripts.  If Ignore is chosen, email will go to any selected relationship type that is or is not an Emergency Contact, does or does not receive a report card, etc. If Include is chosen, email will only go to selected relationships that are listed as Emergency Contacts, that are marked to receive report cards, etc.  If Exclude is chosen, email will go to the selected relationship types only if they are not listedas Emergency Contects, only if they are not marked as report card recipients, etc. 
  6. Mark the checkbox(es) for Combined per spouse pair if only one email should be sent per pair and Exclude Deceased Relations if these records should be omitted.
  7. Click Save.
Note: To have these changes take effect immediate, click Server Config and click Clear Server Cache.