Inside the Metadata Description field, enter a description that will appear for the page when the search engine returns the results. 

In the Metadata Keywords field, enter keywords for search engines to include in online searches. For example, you can use keywords to describe pages with little text or to include terms that are not on the page but are likely to appear in search criteria.

For adding meta data to the header or body of a NetCommunity page, you can use an Unformatted Text Part to add the specific meta data tag(s) as desired. An example would be adding a viewport meta data tag for mobile searches.

Steps to add meta tags to header or body of a page:
  1. Create a new part and select Unformatted Text as the part type and name accordingly
  2. Inside the section that says "Enter the HTML and/or script to the page", add the specific meta data tags as you desire
    • Example: <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1>
  3. At the bottom of the part, check the check box that says "Show Advanced Options"
  4. In the drop down, select either "In the <head> tag", "In the <body> tag with the part", or "At the end of the <body> tag"
  5. Save the part when completed
  6. Add part to the specific page(s) desired